I cannot remember the specifics of this day. Did I hurt when I got up to begin my day, what was the weather like , did I have breakfast…….I was traveling “lite” in my thoughts.

I had moved beyond plans….I was now experiencing each moment. Each site, each smell, each noise around me filled me with wonder and awe.

I did not want to stop and I did not want to ever forget this moment.

As I stood and looked at this place. A welcome cross ….a place to pause….I looked back and felt the day…

It was hot. The climb Rocky and long. It was dusty..I was tired. And …as I peered over the edge to begin my descent…the terrain changed….

The path was smooth, concrete, I was in an industrial area….Astorga was within view.

What was so appealing about Astorga? We had viewed our destination from many mountain tops. We had traveled hours and days to confuse the events as we shared them at the end of the day. Our adventures became bigger and more dramatic as we told them to anyone who would listen.

What was so appealing about Astorga? It is the Chocolate Capital of Spain!


As I stood at the top of the hill planning my descent I smiled.